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MSLA Chairman (interim): Roger Berry

Title and Organisation: Associate Director, Field Medical Lead (MSL/MSNA) Biogen Idec UK/IRE

Current Duties and Responsibilities:  I lead a team of MSLs operating in the therapeutic area of Multiple Sclerosis. My primary responsibilities include:

  • The strategic guidance of the MSL function to support delivery and accomplishment of medical objectives
  • Management and development of MSL Governance Frameworks
  • MSL core skills coaching through regular accompanied field visits
  • MSL material/ slide deck development, 
  • exploring opportunities for growth and expansion of the role and interaction with internal stakeholder functions 
  • provision of regular update to senior management on the value of the MSL team through gathering of qualitative and quantitative metrics


Reason for MSLA involvement: I have over 5 years’ worth of experience of being an MSL and leading MSL teams across multiple therapy areas at GSK and now Biogen Idec. In my opinion, the MSL role is the most exciting, diverse and rapidly evolving role within the pharmaceutical industry. The value that a great MSL can add to healthcare professionals and ultimately patients is truly incredible. The role requires expertise in so many different areas, from deep analytical thinking to strong scientific acumen, strategic and commercial awareness to excellent written and verbal communication, and strong relationships building capability to great team working, innovation and compliance. The MSLA is dedicated to providing a professional platform to drive compliance, value, credibility and sustainability of the MSL role and this is why I wanted to get involved.



 MSLA Treasurer: Zulfi Malik, 

Title and Organisation: Senior Medical Science Liaison, Sanofi-Diabetes

Current Duties and Responsibilities: I am involved in the exchange of credible scientific and medical information with healthcare professionals. I am also responsible for representative training, assisting HCP with medical educational programmes; updates on pipeline & strategies supporting managed entry of new products to market and clinical trials. Creation and development of approved internal and external slide-sets for medical use. 

Reason for MSLA involvement: I have been in the Scientific Advisor / Medical Science Liaison role for over nine years and a tenure in the Pharmaceutical Industry of over 25 years. The changes in the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry in that time have been significant and contributed to my belief that the MSL role has more than adequately earned a place in this changing environment. I’m very passionate about the role and its direct contribution to the enhancement of HCP ability to help their patients. I was part of the original team that formulated and created the MSLA. I see the MSLA developing into a formative professional body serving the needs of fellow MSLs. I’m proud to be associated with the MSLA and to have been elected as the committee’s treasurer. I also serve as the MSLA Webmaster.



MSLA Secretary: Nirmal Dhir, MSL LEO UK/IE

Current Duties and Responsibilities: I have over fifteen years’ experience within pharma (Wyeth/Pfizer) and in medical affairs as a MSL for the last 3 years with LEO. Being a field based medical and scientific support role for healthcare professionals I strive to provide expert knowledge and education on disease areas of interest to LEO. I provide support for researchers who have an interest in Investigator Initiated Studies. I work alongside marketing, commercial teams delivering education to enhance their medical and scientific understanding.

Reason for MSLA involvement: As one of the first LEO MSLs I was involved in the development of the MSL service from the start. Although it was a steep learning curve, I am sure that my contribution to the MSLA will be very useful as I have developed a real passion for the field based medical role whilst working in this area. I am a strong believer that the MSL role enhances and adds value to relationships between the pharma industry and HCPs, ultimately for the benefit of patients. I believe that there is a great opportunity for the MSL role to develop and evolve and look forward to contributing to this process via my involvement with the MSLA.


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MSLA Committee Member: Melanie Sibson, Senior Medical Liaison Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim 

Current Duties & Responsibilities: I provide medical support for our oncology compounds in both pre and post license setting.  My current duties include supporting investigator initiated studies, named patient programmes and advisory boards.  Recently my role has been extended to Team Leader for the Oncology MLM team at Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd.  This now gives me a strategic role as well as operational responsibilities.  I am also responsible for a non-promotional medical educational workshop which looks to support clinicians who have an interest in developing their own clinical research. 

Reason for MSLA Involvement: I am very passionate about the MSL role and keen to see the role develop further.  The MSLA is an excellent forum to share ideas and learn from each other.  The MSLA role is now seen as a pivotal part of the pharmaceutical industry and it is our responsibility to shape the role further to ensure we continue to be seen as a valued partner for our commercial colleagues.  I am delighted to be part of the MSLA and be able to contribute to the future success of the association.


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MSLA Committee Member: Christine Mackay, Immunology MSL, MSD

Current Duties and Responsibilities: Field based medical and scientific support for Health Care Professionals, providing expert knowledge and education on MSD disease areas of involvement. Providing support for researchers involved in Investigator Initiated Studies. Delivering education to enhance the medical and scientific understanding of commercial colleagues. 

Reason for MSLA involvement: As one of the first MSD MSLs I was involved in the development of the MSL service from the start. I really enjoy the variety offered, including engaging with a wide range of Clinicians and Scientists, involvement in research, and educating our field force. This rapidly evolving role has so much potential, and as responsibilities differ between MSLs there is great scope for us to learn from each other, bringing more professionalism to our role. Maintaining the professionalism and the scientific non-promotional focus of the role (including compliance with PMCPA Code of Practice) is essential. I am passionate about maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the MSL role in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment and I really enjoy working with the wider MSL community to achieve this vision


MSLA Committee Member: Mark Graham PhD, Medical Affairs Manager, Janssen UK

Current Duties & Responsibilities: I have worked at Janssen for 10 years and have held roles in both commercial & medical affairs. In my current role I am responsible for two field-based medical affairs teams (Haematology & Oncology) whose primary remit is the successful implementation of the medical affairs strategy. 

I am also a member of the Janssen MSL Council, responsible for governance of MSLs across the EMEA region. At a regional level we set strategic direction and continually explore opportunities to enhance the MSL offering for internal and external stakeholders. 

Reason for MSLA Involvement: I was an MSL for 3 years and truly believe it is the best role in the pharmaceutical industry. For a number of years the role was often seen as a support function but with evolving needs of HCPs, the MSL role is now ideally positioned to become the most trusted and respected role in the pharmaceutical industry. Embracing change and demonstrating medical leadership has meant the number of MSLs has increased significantly and the MSLA is a great organisation to help support the growing numbers of MSLs for the years to come. 



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