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Sarah Goffin

Multiple Sclerosis Medical Science Liaison, Sanofi Genzyme

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My Story

I commenced my first MSL role in September 2016, prior to which I have worked as a pharmacist in both private and NHS hospitals as well as in the community sector. In addition to this I also worked as a postgraduate trainer and pre-registration placements coordinator during the course of my PhD. In addition, I have also held a variety of mentorship roles for registered pharmacists and technicians, pre-registration pharmacists and technicians as well as undergraduates at my local university.


As an MSL my key responsibility is to support clinicians to provide the best possible care not just with our products, but also to improve the quality of care for all patients within my therapeutic area. This mission is undertaken through timely and effective responses to medical enquiries, appropriate management of adverse events and providing guidance following requests for funding for a wide variety of aspects, including investigator-sponsored studies.

Reason for MSLA involvement:

Whilst the MSL role is gaining exposure I still feel that there is much to be done to further promote this role as a potential career path, particularly for those with healthcare backgrounds who may then be able to take on additional responsibilities such as signatories. Also, in line with the new General Pharmaceutical Council guidelines on revalidation, I am working very closely with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society not only to recognise the MSL role as a pharmacist career path, but also to generate materials and provide support for industry pharmacists who will now need to


In addition, I am committed to engagement of the MSLA members through our social media platforms and am very keen to find out what you would like to see from us. I will be working very closely with the rest of the committee and looking to you for guidance in how we can really fully utilise our platforms so that you can get the most out of them!

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