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Simon Harris

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My Story

I have worked in the biopharma industry for over 25 years in larger and smaller companies including Bayer, MSD and Lundbeck. My career started in sales spending more that 10 years in field sales roles across several therapeutic areas both in general medicine and more specialised care. I first began as an MSL in 2011 and have been an MSL and MSL leader since then leading on a range of projects across medical affairs both in the UK, regionally and as part of global teams.

Reason for MSLA Involvement

I want to give back to the MSL community and share the experiences and connections I have developed as well as giving a platform for new and established MSL’s and MSL leaders to share best practices and things they have tried and failed at.

I have a wide network and we can do more through socialising our story to raise awareness of the MSLA and build greater connections between MSL’s. I also think it is critical as the importance and volume of MSL’s grows, particularly outside United States, that we also champion dedicated field medical leaders to onboard, coach and develop the leaders of the future.

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