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Sharon Hodgkiss

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My Story

I started in working life in the NHS as a senior research sister at a leading oncology centre. I decided to move to the pharmaceutical industry in 2002. I began my pharmaceutical career in the commercial team where I held various roles. When the MSL role evolved it became clear this was the role I wanted as it took me back to science and research - back to my roots. I started as MSL in 2012 progressing to a senior MSL over time. One of the proudest moments of my MSL career was winning the PF MSL of the year award in 2022, an experience I will not forget. In 2023, I started in an exciting role as a senior MSL in the launch team at Novartis.  Over my career I have worked for small and large pharma which has enabled me to gain a wide range of skills and experience in very diverse projects to support my MSL role.

Reason for MSLA Involvement

As a career MSL I am very passionate about the value that the MSL role can bring to their organisation and the healthcare professionals they engage with and indirectly the patient community. I want to champion the role of MSL and field based medical professionals raising awareness of the depth of experience the role can offer and the value it can bring in an evolving healthcare environment. I believe if you ''develop a passion for learning, you will never cease to grow'' and enrich your role.  My vision is through the MSLA we continue to develop a community of highly experienced field based medical affairs professionals to coach, mentor and motivate the field medical teams of the future - the core of medical affairs. My hope during my time on the committee is to bring a sharing of best practice from the network I've developed over time, new ideas, energy and lots of fun. I am looking forward to working with Georgina and the team.

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