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Madhi Choudhury
Committee Member

Medical Scientific Liaison Manager, Merz Pharmaceutical Ltd

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My Story

I started in the pharmaceutical industry in 2004 in commercial and then worked my way through to Market Access and now in Medical as an MSLM with Merz.  My role is to support field medical activities by providing medical and scientific support.  Provide mentorship, coaching and leadership on medical projects, which includes planning medical and market access strategies for new products in the pipeline.

My role involves collaborating cross functionally with global & regional medical and marketing team to set field medical team strategic direction in the UK.

Reason for MSLA involvement:

Having been in the industry since 2004 and seeing how medical MSL teams have evolved and the great value it brings to a pharmaceutical company, has made me want to share my experience in my role as a committee member and support the further development of the MSLA but also help future MSLs and help shape the role of MSLs.  I believe the value the MSL role brings to an organisation is vital as it is the building block for any pharmaceutical company especially in this current climate.  MSLs are the voice of the patient and the bridge between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. I feel the MSLA is a platform to help MSLs grow as it is a unique role which requires a person with many unique qualities from scientific, analytical background to having a strategic and commercial acumen.


I become an MSLA committee member because I saw how dedicated the committee are in providing a professional platform and ensuring they are driving important topics which add value to an MSL.

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