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Christine Mackay
Committee Member

Immunology Medical Science Liaison, MSD

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My Story

Field based medical and scientific support for Health Care Professionals, providing expert knowledge and education on MSD disease areas of involvement. Providing support for researchers involved in Investigator Initiated Studies. Delivering education to enhance the medical and scientific understanding of commercial colleagues.

Reason for MSLA involvement:

As one of the first MSD MSLs I was involved in the development of the MSL service from the start. I really enjoy the variety offered, including engaging with a wide range of Clinicians and Scientists, involvement in research, and educating our field force. This rapidly evolving role has so much potential, and as responsibilities differ between MSLs there is great scope for us to learn from each other, bringing more professionalism to our role. Maintaining the professionalism and the scientific non-promotional focus of the role (including compliance with PMCPA Code of Practice) is essential. I am passionate about maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the MSL role in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment and I really enjoy working with the wider MSL community to achieve this vision.

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