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Zulfi Malik
Zulfi Malik

MSL Team Leader, Sanofi-Genzyme

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My Story

I am involved in the exchange of credible scientific and medical information with healthcare professionals. I am also responsible for representative training, assisting HCP with medical educational programmes; updates on pipeline & strategies supporting managed entry of new products to market and clinical trials. Creation and development of approved internal and external slide-sets for medical use.

Reason for MSLA involvement:

I have been in the MSL / Scientific Adviser role for over 13 years and tenure in the Pharmaceutical Industry of over 26 years. The changes in the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry in that time have been significant and contributed to my belief that the MSL role has more than adequately earned a place in this changing environment. I’m very passionate about the role and its direct contribution to the enhancement of HCP ability to help their patients. I was part of the original team that formulated and created the MSLA. I see the MSLA developing into a formative professional body serving the needs of fellow MSLs. I’m proud to be associated with the MSLA and to have been elected as the committee’s treasurer. I also serve as the MSLA Webmaster.

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