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Mark Macdonald

Consultant, MSL Global Centre of Excellence, Eli Lilly and Co. Ltd

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My Story

Since 2015 Mark has been a consultant in Lilly’s Global Centre of Excellence, the functional home for MSLs across the organisation. Here he partners on the implementation, development and optimisation of the role globally, working with MSLs, MSL managers and senior medical affairs leaders, with a focus on Europe.

Reason for MSLA involvement:

Having been an MSL, MSL manager and functional leader at Lilly for a decade, I hope to bring my experience and perspective to this post and support the further development of the MSLA. I believe passionately in the value of the MSL role and its significance in building trust between the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry. The delicate balance of trust MSLs maintain through legitimate scientific exchange is one we must all champion, as Pharma continues to adapt to a changing and highly competitive healthcare environment. The spotlight is on MSLs more than ever to demonstrate value, whilst navigating the grey areas of judgement based decision-making – in the office and in the field. In this context, it is important to have pan industry dialogue to aid clear and consistent understanding of the role, and offer thoughtful and relevant initiatives that engage the MSL community. This is something I would like to help the MSLA deliver as a truly independent voice of and for MSLs.

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