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Melanie Sibson
Committee Member

MSL at Clovis Oncology

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My Story

I have been with Clovis Oncology since April 2018 covering the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  I began my MSL career in 2009 and over the years have gained expertise around the role, combining scientific knowledge with the skills needed to be a valued MSL. Having previously worked in big pharma, I am now working in a small biotech company which offers lots of opportunities to be creative and allows me to follow my passion for medical education both internally and externally. Since 2018, I have set up the Clovis Oncology European MSL Academy and I am in the process developing an external platform to support the education of HCPs. This is in addition to the day job!

Reason for MSLA Involvement:

I am really passionate about the role of MSL and from experience I know the value this role brings to both the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as the HCP community.  I want to be an advocate for the role and support new MSLs are they begin their career as well as help map out the path for MSLs who want to stay in the role long term.  The MSLA provides a fantastic forum to share ideas, to support and help shape the future direction for our roles.  I am delighted to be back on the committee after a short break and really looking forward to working with the other committee members and delivering valuable initiatives to our members.

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